Here are some testimonials from clients that Marcia has helped over the years:

“Marcia Rutland provided me with more value in one hour of counselling than I have received in ten hours of psychotherapy. Her insight and honouring of my own process brought clarity and direction to my life”.

– Johanna Vanderpol, Author and Life Coach.

“Thanks so much Marcia for everything you did me. I am more patient, and there is still closure. I do not need to fix all for everything, the world is just fine spinning along at this speed. And I do not need to fix everything for everyone, they seem to be managing just fine.

With my immediate need and the assistance you gave me, I am so grateful. You proved to me that these things can be accomplished. You are very kind and genuine. Thank you so much Marcia”.

 – S.K.

“Marcia is a superior counsellor and is one the kindest people I have ever met. She has a very down to earth, light and witty technique that is very grounding. Although I have a long way to go, when I think about the state I was in when I walked into Marcia’s office and compare it to today, she has helped me tremendously.

– J.B. 2016